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Redmond Personal Injury Attorney Explains Negotiation Tactics

Posted Thursday, July 24, 2014 by Chris Thayer

Insurance companies attempt to obtain favorable results in personal injury claims by alt textimplementing several negotiation tactics. Since a person who has suffered injuries in an accident often needs to receive compensation as soon as possible, insurers may delay negotiating a reasonable settlement so that the individual will agree to an amount that is substantially less than the value of the claim. An experienced Redmond personal injury attorney knows how to effectively present your claim and will be prepared to file a lawsuit, if necessary.

Strategies Used by Insurance Companies to Delay Negotiations of a Settlement The insurance adjuster carefully analyzes the claimant’s injuries, cost of medical bills and other financial losses to determine how much the case is worth. Even though the insurance company has already decided the amount of compensation it is willing to pay for a case, the adjuster may try to delay the proceedings by stating that he doesn’t have the authority to approve a settlement.

Sometimes, the insurance adjuster may not respond to an attorney’s demand letter or avoid other requests to discuss the status of the case. The adjuster’s failure to follow-up with the attorney in a timely manner could be caused by the following reasons:

• The adjuster is trying to slow down the negotiations;

• The adjuster thinks the attorney wants too much money;

• The insurance company lost or misplaced the demand letter and other documents associated with the claim;

• The adjuster hasn’t had an opportunity to contact the lawyer due to a high volume of cases; or

• The insurance company doesn’t intend to reach a fair settlement.

How the Redmond Personal Injury Attorney Can Respond to Delay TacticsWhen an insurance adjuster refuses to communicate with the attorney within a responsible time frame, the attorney can contact the adjuster’s supervisor or manager regarding the case. It’s also possible to schedule an appointment so that negotiations can be handled in-person. If both parties still can’t reach a settlement, it may be in the best interests of the claimant to file a lawsuit against the insurer.

Consult a Redmond Personal Injury LawyerIf you have been injured in an accident, it’s important to understand your legal options when you are dealing with an insurance company. Chris Thayer is an experienced Redmond personal injury lawyer who aggressively fights to protect the rights of his clients. Call (206) 340-2008 today to schedule a confidential consultation.