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Seattle Personal Injury Attorney Chris Thayer
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Seattle Personal Injury Lawyers and Negotiations

Posted Thursday, February 5, 2015 by Chris Thayer

While each insurance company has a different philosophy, Seattle personal injury lawyers can point out factors that affect these philosophies. Seattle injury lawyers may discuss the following aspects of insurance companies with you.

The Relationship between the Claims Adjuster and Defense Lawyer

Many inexperienced Seattle injury lawyers overlook the relationship between the insurance company and the defense counsel. They may believe mistakenly that the insurance company will be scared of a lawsuit. However, many insurance companies have superior defense attorneys that they can rely on, so such a fear may not exist. A plaintiff’s case may weaken once it is handed over to defense counsel. A defense attorney may be able to find a weakness in the case that will decrease its value.

Negotiation with the Claims Adjuster

Seattle personal injury lawyers know to pay particular attention to how a claims adjuster reacts during settlement discussions or earlier communications. For example, if the claims adjuster focuses on weaknesses in the case, such as questionable liability, pre-existing injuries or the client’s conduct, the offer will likely be low. A personal injury attorney will consider the statements that adjusters make, as well as make an independent assessment of the validity of these statements. Then, the attorney will determine how close the two parties are to a settlement. If there is a wide difference, the attorney may recommend mediation or litigation. If the two parties are close, the attorney will attempt to negotiate a fair settlement.

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