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Suing an Airline for Damages

Posted Friday, May 11, 2018 by Chris Thayer

Airlines are responsible for the safety of their passengers and also their employees. If an airline employee (like a flight attendant or pilot) acts negligently, or if the airline is negligent in its response to a personal injury complaint, then the airline can be held liable for any resulting damages.

Of course, it can be tricky to determine which law should apply and where to file a lawsuit when an injury occurs in the middle of a flight. If you live in Seattle, were injured in Seattle, or were injured by someone who resides in Seattle, then you might be able to seek compensation in a Seattle court. An experienced personal injury attorney can help determine your legal options.

Here are two examples of personal injury lawsuits filed against an airline.

*Passenger Allegedly Attacked by Fellow Passenger During Flight*A Washington woman recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against Delta Air Lines, alleging that she was sexually assaulted on an overnight flight from Seattle to Amsterdam and that the crew was negligent in its response.

Specifically, Allison Dvaladze claims that the man seated next to her grabbed her crotch in the darkened cabin and then repeatedly groped her as she tried to get out of her seat. Dvaladze says she reported the attack to the flight crew, who allowed her to change seats, but then asked her to return to her original seat before landing. She understandably refused to do so. Dvaladze also claims that the flight crew did not contact law enforcement.

Dvaladze contacted Delta Air Lines, which offered her 10,000 SkyMiles as a “small token in hopes of easing some of the frustration and inconvenience you may have felt.” But Dvaladze wanted a tougher response. However, no one was able to identify the man sitting next to her. Officials told Dvaladze that her the man was not sitting in his assigned seat.

So now Dvaladze is suing Delta for negligence, alleging that the airline is liable under a treaty that governs international air travel and establishes airline liability for passenger injuries.

*Pilot Allegedly Attacked by Co-Pilot During Layover*Pilot Betty Pina filed a lawsuit against Alaska Airlines after a co-pilot allegedly drugged and raped her during a layover in Seattle last June. Pina claims that the co-pilot invited her to the hotel bar for pizza and drinks, and that she had two glasses of wine. After he brought her the second, she had a “hard time keeping her head up” and “things appeared to be closing in,” according to the complaint.

Pina says she woke up the next morning in his hotel room bed, naked from the waist down. She reported the incident to union officials, human resources and an investigator referred by the airline. She is now suing the airline for failing to hold the co-pilot accountable and preventing the same thing from happening to other employees. Specifically, she is seeking personal injury damages for workplace rape and unlawful retaliation.

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