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The Documents and Evidence a Lawyer Will Collect in a Personal Injury Case

Posted Thursday, May 29, 2014 by Chris Thayer

A Seattle personal injury attorney will collect physical exhibits, photographs and documents in preparation of a personal injury lawsuit. Following are examples of the kinds of evidence alt textthat an attorney may collect along with procedures for preparing the case and working with the opposing side’s legal counsel.

Evidence for the case

A Seattle personal injury lawyer may ask for or collect the following evidence:

• Physical evidence• Photos of the accident scene, vehicles, products, property damage and injuries• Any photos, information or documents in the plaintiff’s possession• Documentation regarding the loss of income from the plaintiff’s accountant or employer• Plaintiff’s tax returns• Documentation of loss of profits for plaintiffs who are self-employed or are business owners• Medical records• Hospital records• Other medical expenses such as medical equipment and prescription medication• Documentation of property damage• Electronically stored evidence (ESI• Any special damages• If the case involves a vehicle, the information from its electronic data recorder

Working with the opposing attorney

Through a process known as discovery, both sides must share any evidence, documents and witnesses that they are planning to present in court. This is done to allow both sides to prepare and to prevent any surprises.

The defendant’s lawyer may send a letter to the plaintiff’s lawyer requesting ESI or other evidence. In addition, the lawyers for both sides may meet to agree on how to preserve ESI and exchange information.

Additional preparations

A Seattle personal injury attorney may also request evidence from the defendant’s attorney and subpoena any witnesses. In addition, the lawyer will prepare the witnesses for trial and organize all documentation and evidence. The lawyer will work with the plaintiff to collect and turn over any evidence requested by the defendant’s attorney.

The process of filing a personal injury suit can be complex and confusing. A Seattle personal injury attorney can answer questions, manage evidence and provide legal representation for a plaintiff who has been injured in a car accident or by a defective product. Chris Thayer is a Seattle personal injury lawyer and can be reached at (206) 340-2008.