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Why Insurance Companies Are More Willing to Go to Trial

Posted Wednesday, March 12, 2014 by Chris Thayer

An attorney from the Seattle personal injury law firm will explain why insurance companies are becoming increasingly more difficult in dealing with cases.alt text

Your Seattle Personal Injury Lawyer Will Explain Why Insurance Companies Are Choosing Litigation Over SettlementsInsurers are choosing to go to court rather than settle for many reasons including:1. There is a negative perception of attorneys. Lawyers are perceived poorly by the public with the media leading the charge against them; and2. Personal injury lawyers are viewed in a particularly negative light. Because personal injury lawyers are often the butt of jokes, they are looked upon badly by the public.

Claims Are Often Negatively PortrayedOne specific instance that has been constantly referenced is the decision against fast food chain McDonald’s because a woman spilled coffee on herself and sued because it was too hot. The facts in the case were not fully provided by the media. The truth regarding the case was far more complex.

The company chose not to settle when the woman and her attorney requested a small fraction of what the final verdict was. McDonald’s had been the subject of hundreds of other claims due to their coffee being too hot. The woman was not simultaneously opening the coffee cup while driving as had been implied. She suffered severe burns. The company had been warned previously that the coffee was too hot, therefore the woman received punitive damages.

In a recent federal case that had shown liability and damages, the plaintiff lost. Upon speaking to a member of the jury, it was found that the juror believed that something needed to be done about the insurance “crisis” in the United States. Regardless of the statement, the case cannot be appealed.

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